As many of you know I produced and published Rescue Me, a book to raise money for animal shelters and rescue groups. The book sold out and, thanks to all who bought it, I was able to give 100% of the proceeds ($25,000+) to these organizations.  I didn’t take a penny from the sales and that means I didn’t even pay myself back for the cost of producing, printing and marketing the book.

I am happy and proud to announce my new magazine FOR PET’S SAKE®.

My plan was to do a second book but like for so many of us the virus has majorly impacted my life and work and, in the process, my financial resources.

“Giving all the money away to help the animals was the best thing I ever did.”

However, I still wanted to do something to help our furry friends and that’s how the idea for a magazine came to be. Though I would have loved to do a print publication the cost of printing and distribution is prohibitive. But a digital version was not completely out of reach. This is why I came up with FOR PETS’ SAKE MAGAZINE®.

Each issue will be $7.00 and 20% will be donated to animal charities. Believe me when I say that the remaining balance will not even come close to covering my costs unless I can get many orders. This is why I need you to please purchase the issue and also ask your animal lover friends to buy it, and spread the word. I will let you know on social media when the issue is available.

Thank you for caring about the animals and thank you for your trust!

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  1. Congratulations Fifi, I’m so excited for you – another one of your amazing projects!! Looks fantastic! Romeo is going to be so happy to see his photo 🙂

  2. Thank you Fifi for all you do to support the small, neighborhood rescues in the community! So excited for this project, you always bring such beauty and passion to your projects.

    1. Hi Ki,
      Thanks for the compliment and for supporting the animals by ordering several copies. It truly is a great gift for lovers of all animals. XOXOXOXOXO

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